Are you considering selling your home?

Many who see homes selling quickly in our area with multiple offers can be under the assumption that selling real estate is easy. While some homes are sold quickly and for higher than their asking price – this isn’t always the case and selling your home is a process. It is one of the biggest financial transactions you may make in your lifetime.

As you explore your options, what are the things you should consider?

1) Choose your Realtor wisely. Choosing your Realtor is much like choosing your financial planner, health care provider, or attorney – it is the professional who you will count on to inform you and guide you through the process. They must know your marketplace inside and out – not only by the numbers, but by personally seeing homes coming onto the market. Is your Realtor busy? Are they a do-er? You hope so – because experience, education and knowledge, along with their relationships with other realtors (marketing!) by doing consistent business, may make the difference for you at the closing table!

One Goal – To Net You the Most Return on Your Investment

2) One goal – $$$. You are hopefully looking to sell your home to take away the greatest amount of profit. It shouldn’t be difficult to align that goal with your Realtor’s goal — but just make sure that it is clear to you their commitment and action plan in making that happen. Real estate is not a let’s see what happens business. If your Realtor puts certain steps in place, does thorough analysis, and sets the stage for success, the rewards should follow.

My goal is clear from our first meeting – to net you the most return on your investment and to show you what I do to make that happen. I use a marketing system and put a clearly defined strategy in place. Selling your home for top dollar needs a focused plan.

3) Pricing your home. Pricing a home is not a science, nor is it an art — it’s a combination of both and with numerous factors to consider. These include upgrades, location, recent sales, condition, buyer trends, your competition with other homes currently on the market – and timing! My approach to pricing is quite different than others. One of the most important things to consider is how you will position your home on the market with price – and to discuss the different scenarios of what pricing could mean for you.

4) Align your goals with a top Montclair area Realtor – let me show you how I can make the difference:

  • Positioning your home on the market to look better than the others
  • Professional photography – bringing potential buyers to your home with magazine quality visuals
  • Creative marketing for unique properties
  • A marketing system which reaches buyers wherever they are, searching for homes
  • Home staging
  • Open house showings
  • Hands-on in preparing your home for sale
  • A smooth transition from start to finish
  • A clear goal, marketing system and strategy to net you the greatest return on your investment

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